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Well since everyone is “freaking out” I thought I’d stay with the theme and contribute some unique thoughts of my own. It’s kind of nice not to live around the Seattle talk radio because right now I’m not worried and still rather excited for what the season holds. But, I miss out on the general Seattle perception. All I have is what is being written in the blogsphere. That’s why I do hit up so many forums, because I don’t always have the ability to sit and listen to 950 or 710 streaming.

Something I saw thrown out amidst all the frustration and pandemonium was of course an example of where everyone was last year. I did a little example see the template below.

8 games into the 2009 Season

American League

Yankees (4-4 fourth)  103 – 59

Boston (2-6 last) 95 – 67

Twins (4-4 fourth) 87 – 67

Angels(3-4 third) 97 – 65

National League

Phillies (4-4) (third) 93 – 69

Cardinals (6-2) (first) 91 – 71

Dodgers (5-3) (second) 95 – 67

Rockies (4-4) (third)  92 – 70

Of course the argument then ensued that we do not have the offense that any of those other teams have or had. I would agree with you. We don’t have Albert Pujols or a Mark Teixeira to administer the offense or inject 3 run shot at any they walk to the plate.

The problem is everyone is looking at it from the same one-side and ignoring the gospel being preached from nearly the entire blogsphere from East Coast Mariner to USS:Mariner. We aren’t a good offense, we know that. We will get better and we added good smart pieces. We’ll get on base with walks. We’re going to get a few steals. We are still (eventually) going to be batting in runners.

The Mariners are using a different sort of template for success. One that isn’t popular but has been proven to work over the years. Most notably in the 80s. Dave Cameron wrote a blog post on it in December.

This year is about pitching and defense. The offense while not terrible good is going to come around. Love the post by Griffin at SodoMojo yesterday. Jon Shields even mentioned it, this team has no where else to go but up. We have some good hitters that are under performing.

If you want to compare apples to apples. Take a look at how the 85′ Cardinals started out in their first 8 games against the Mets, Pirates and Expos, 2 Wins and 6 Losses. Heck their entire month of April they went 8 – 11. Oh but then they went on a won 101 games over the course of the season.

I’m not saying the Mariners are going to win that many games and the Mariners are not the ’85 Cardinals either. It’s merely a template to how to run a successful baseball club. I honestly am not sure we even win 90 games. What I’m trying to convey is that while it’s never good to get a slow start, it doesn’t rule anything out.

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