Putting Out The Feelers (MLB Draft Part II)

So with each day that passes we are continually getting closer to the MLB 2010 Draft. Which being a huge nerd, the MLB draft is beyond exciting to me. Despite that whoever we pick up is going to go play A-ball and work his way up through the minor leagues. It’s the aspect of hope that comes in June. The organization has developed a lot of talent in the past decade. The unfortunate thing is that they aren’t playing for us now.

There is no need to recount all the players. Most of us know who they are but obviously if we could have held onto them we could field a pretty good team. It makes me excited when you look at the Brewers, who Jack Zduriencik help construct from the ground up through the draft, if the Mariners do the smart thing and plan on building this team internally, what they could produce over the next 3-4 years. Obviously this starts in the draft and international free-agency. The Mariners have been great over the past decade through the International market, not so much in recent years through the draft.

I previously went over some of the names out there that could be available in this years draft. While some of them are laughable at this point and most likely not available. Such as Cameron Bedrosian, Alex Wimmers (and even Brett Eibner to a lesser extent) who are sure-fire first rounders now.

The more and more I talk with people it seems like the Mariners will again look very serious at drafting position players and reviewing the history of McNamara and Zduriencik, College bats are traditionally what they both lean towards.

I’m going to do a review of some bats that could go but I had something else in mind for this post. This year the Mariners have the first three picks at 43, 67 and 99 and while that’s not a lot for the first 100 picks it does give them the advantage of spending some money.

I know it’s easy to look at players in 2003,04 and 05 and wonder what if we had known what we know now. How they would have turned out. There is already a lot of that with the 2006 draft. Well since the 08/09 draft are still relatively fresh in our minds without a lot of real results here are the type of players we are looking at for the following picks

The 43rd pick 2008: (Arizona) Miley, Wade / 2009: (Cincinnati) Boxberger, Bradley

Where are they now:  Wade (High-A) / Boxberger (High-A)

Ranked within their current system: Wade is considered in the later half of the Top-10 in some to just outside the top 10. Boxberger is a solid Top-10 prospect within most systems and is in mid to later half of the top-10 Cincinnati rankings.

Interesting Fact: Current hyped Texas prospect Tanner Scheppers was available and slipped to the 44th pick in 2009.


the 67th pick 2008: (Detroit) Satterwhite, Cody / 2009: (St. Louis) Stock, Robert

Where they are now: Satterwhite (AA) / Stock (Low-A)

Ranked within their current system: Satterwhite is mostly ranked somewhere around 13-15 in terms of prospect rankings within the Detroit system. Not great but has potential to be a solid back of the bullpen arm. Stock is ranked the 10th base pick by Baseball America and I’ve seen other places where he is a top-5 prospect within the Cardinals system.

Interesting Fact: Mariners took Dennis Raben with the 66th overall pick in 2008.


the 99th pick 2008: (Detroit) Green, Scott / 2009: (Toronto) Barrett, Jake

Where are they now: Green (High-A) / Barrett (Did not sign went on to Arizona State University)

Ranked within their current systems: Green is not in any of the top 20 prospect listing within the Detroit system and they aren’t exactly stacked with pitching depth. I would say he ranges between 20 – 35 on the prospect list but that’s just my estimation. Barrett could be a first round talent. I’m not sure he qualifies for the 2011 draft or the 2012. Either way he could be something special. He didn’t get drafted higher in 2009 due to signability issues.

Interesting Fact: The Seattle Mariners drafted Aaron Pribanic (who was apart of the tandem traded for Ian Snell and Jack Wilson last year.) at 98 and  James Jones at 113


While you can’t always reflect on the past within the MLB draft and say “OH! we could have had so-and-so”. Simply because there so many players have slipt through the draft over the years. But, I think it makes sense to look at  the past couple of years and the type of scouted talent that was and will be available.

We may not have a first round pick that doesn’t mean there aren’t some solid potential available. There are always some talents that should be for all intents and purposes first round picks but due to their college commitments and signability issues slip into the third, fourth and even much later rounds.

The Mariners situation gives them the ability to take a chance on a projectable talented high schooler and throw gobs of cash at potential high-risk/high-reward players in the hopes to change their minds from their college commitment. Basically using a higher draft place to nab what could be a future first round pick.

It’s far from solid strategy and looking at the high-risk/reward guys we already have in the system they may want to go with some one with a high-floor, lower ceiling in the hopes of giving the organization more depth.

I just personally like seeing guys with the potential of Jake Barrett being drafted at 99. It gives me a lot of hope for what we could potentially inject into the of the system despite not having a first round pick and while we may not have the worst minor league system could stand some improvement. Something else to think about is how much the Mariners have passed over guys the last couple of years because of their cash focus on guys like Josh Fields and Dustin Ackley. We won’t have those types of restrictions this year and will give us an opportunity to take some chances on some guys this year.

Of course we never know what could happen but one things for sure, we will all have a better feel for Tom McNamara. He wasn’t greatly tested last year and had a pretty easy first round pick with Dustin Ackley. However a few of his choices are debated (Nick Franklin and Steve Baron) and quiet honestly probably will be second guessed until they yield Major League fruits. Regardless of what/who comes from the 2009 draft he will really be graded and judged for what comes from the 2010 draft. After being the position for a full year and having his team in place to perform adequate cross checking on potential draftees.

I’ll be throwing out some hitters names here soon and before the end of May there should be a Mock draft post that details the first four rounds. Look for it!

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2 Responses to Putting Out The Feelers (MLB Draft Part II)

  1. 200tang says:

    JAC makes it sound like Paxton could fall to us which would be awesome.

    • Harrison says:

      Oh I completely agree with Jason. He has a lot of contacts and of course knows the business real well. But, I’ve seen a lot of mock drafts and talent evaluators who think he is going to want a lot of money couple that with some quiet a bit of time off between last year and this.

      I think he may even be available at 67 to be perfectly honest. His demands are going to scare a few teams off but he doesn’t have school to fall back on anymore.

      Keep in mind there is also the chance that a team like Boston, New York or even Philly invests in him in the later part of the first round. Unlikely but not unheard of.

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