Taking A Moment To Appreciate John Jaso

I didn’t really take enough time to really consider just how good Jaso has been this year. Actually sitting down and writing this I hadn’t realized just how good he was. I did really even take too much notice until a few weeks ago during a radio post-game interview with Jim Moore. His answers were so professional and he stayed so humble that it really started a few wheels turning.

I know that a few people, including myself, really become sour about how Wedge chose to use Jaso during the early stages of the season despite the overly pronounced platoon splits in Jaso’s career.

It got me thinking about one of Jaso’s former teammates Matt Joyce and his notable splits that have been well documented and discussed by Rays fans.

John Jaso, 653 Career PA’s vs. RHP

0.266 0.359 0.412 0.145 12.2 10.7 117

Matt Joyce, 1163 Career PA’s vs. RHP

0.273 0.362 0.513 0.240 11.7 19.5 136

Interesting, right? Let’s dive into the 2012 numbers.

John Jaso, 167 PA’s vs. RHP

0.312 0.419 0.536 0.225 15 13.8 164

Matt Joyce, 200 PA’s vs. RHP

0.282 0.385 0.524 0.241 13 19.5 150

Jaso, offensively, has been as valuable as one of the top hitting right fielders in baseball in 2012. That is pretty remarkable when you consider the easy target that our offense has been most of the year. You could even take this a step further.

Here is a look at the 10 best hitters vs. right-handed pitching this year.

Joey Votto Reds 254 1.24 0.291 0.399 195
Robinson Cano Yankees 270 0.87 0.335 0.356 194
Mike Trout Angels 261 0.46 0.24 0.418 178
Shin-Soo Choo Indians 282 0.51 0.236 0.421 176
David Ortiz Red Sox 245 1.63 0.296 0.306 171
Carlos Gonzalez Rockies 262 0.51 0.284 0.407 169
Andrew McCutchen Pirates 306 0.45 0.243 0.402 169
David Wright Mets 286 0.63 0.241 0.378 165
Paul Konerko White Sox 282 0.67 0.209 0.368 164
John Jaso Mariners 167 1.09 0.225 0.339 164

Yes, right there at the bottom is in fact John Jaso.

This isn’t a “START JASO MORE” post. It’s simple just “Look how good he’s been for us” post. I was tweeting back and forth with Nathan Bishop yesterday and we were tweeting about some of the best non-Felix things to happen to the Mariners this year. This, in my mind, should take first place.

Certainly it’s all a matter of opinion and, yes, Saunders “figuring things out” is nothing short of a miracle I can honestly say I never gave up hope. I got close once or twice but never left the faith, so when he started finally coming alive and making adjustments I became excited and even thrilled for both him and the team. But I wasn’t surprised.

Jaso, however, I wasn’t too excited about when the Mariners traded for him this past off-season. That said it was more for his defense than what I had called his league average offensive skills (which I intended to sound more like a compliment).

What Jaso has done is remarkable and the fact that it’s not getting talked about is pretty surprising. Maybe it’s just that I’ve not been exposed to the Seattle media as much.

The real point here is that I love that he’s around and I hope that he’s a guy this front office decides to keep around for a while.

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2 Responses to Taking A Moment To Appreciate John Jaso

  1. Jaso is a fantastic backup catcher/DH to have around when right-handers Montero and Zunino are starting at those positions. Taking advantage of those splits would seem to fit in nicely with the roster…

    Fun fact: Zunino has a .542 wOBA in Everett. Time to get him out of preschool.

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