Mariners Sign Dominician Prospect

With August 30th come and gone Leury Vargas became eligible and has officially signed a contract with the Seattle Mariners. After finally turning the ripe old age of 16, yesterday, the big 6’3, 200+ lb first basemen joined the organization today.

The baby face left hander has a huge frame and a fluid swing with obvious power potential.  But he’s noticeably raw on the youtube videos and considering his age and how well he’s going to have to hit, I suspect it’s going to be a while before we ever see him stateside.

It’s always fun to get a young man in the organization who is considered to be one of the better hitters on the international market. But it’s impossible to really know what this means for the future of the organization. You know me I’ll be keeping my eye on him and we’ll watch his progress over the years. Hopefully it’ll all be positive.

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